The Easy Way to Manage Business Proofs Online

At Carmentis, we're on a mission to restore trust in the digital economy by revolutionizing how business proofs are managed online.

Our Story

Restoring Trust in the Digital Economy

We are a team of innovators fueled by the recognition that business documents and online transactions lacking certification from a trusted third party may soon be viewed as fraudulent. 


Issue ranked 2nd behind climate risk 1


Deepfake fraud attempts increased 31 times in 2023 2


Number of consumers who fear deepfakes could be used to steal their identity 3

1 World Economic Forum 2024
2 Onfido 2024
3 iProov 2024

Our Vision

We aim to contribute to a world where trust in digital business is restored. Ranked second only to climate risk by the World Economic Forum in 2024, the 3000-fold increase in deepfake fraud attempts in 20231  underscores the urgency of our vision. 

1 Onfido 2024

Our Mission

With our innovative blockchain platform, we streamline the management of business proofs online. Join us as we pave the way towards a future where trust in digital business is unquestionable. 

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