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Carmentis simplifies the management of business proofs on the blockchain. It enables everyone in your business—your team, partners, and customers—to effortlessly certify essential documents for doing business online.

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What customers are saying

Digital leaders worldwide trust Carmentis to secure their business.

Randy Dean
Founder and CEO at Verifiabl.AI

We were looking for a blockchain solution to certify and authenticate digital content, videos and other intellectual property. Carmentis was just what we needed: flexible, user-friendly and cutting-edge.

Xavier Badiche
CEO at Blitz

Carmentis plays a crucial role in assisting users of Blitz to transparently track non-performing loans as they move from original holders to collection and legal enforcement. 

Selim Tavukcuoglu
Product Manager at Facturer Facile

Carmentis has elevated Facturer Facile to a new level, ensuring that clients of our invoicing platform receive prompt payments in accordance with contract terms.

Trust a blockchain designed for business proofkeeping
Plug-and-play APIs
Effortlessly manage proofs in day-to-day transactions

Leverage our encrypted APIs to anchor, verify, and share all your business proofs at every stage of your transactional workflows.

Store all your probative documents in one place

Easily define which documents you want Carmentis to manage and who can access them.

Carmentis certifies all essential documents for doing business online.

How Carmentis Can
Safeguard Your Business

Discover some of the popular applications of our business proofkeeping platform.

Signing contracts

Effortlessly integrate Carmentis into any business contract to enforce the desired level of electronic signature, from simple to advanced, including eIDAS-compliant signatures.

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Deepfraud protection

Protect your business from the threat of AI-generated forgeries of online documents such as price quotes, invoices, emails and IBAN bank account details, as well as deepfake voicemails and deepfake video calls.

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Trade Finance

Carmentis ensures proper execution of trade financing agreements, including documentation of price, delivery dates, financing, and insurance.

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Financial reconciliation

With Carmentis, establish financial reconciliation scenarios where auditors are only given access to the mathematical sum of accounting entries into and out of accounts, keeping the rest confidential.

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Prepaid cards and third-party payments

Carmentis streamlines processes reliant on prepaid cards or involving a third party to make payments, including company meal vouchers, health insurance payments, and promotional marketing vouchers.

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Non-performing loans

Ensure traceability and accurate accounting of non-performing loans, as they are transferred from original holders to collection firms through to legal enforcement, including accrual of legal interest.

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Restoring trust in
online business

Carmentis makes managing business proofs on the blockchain easy.
It enables everyone in your business—your team, partners, and customers—to effortlessly certify all the documents essential for doing business online.

Rapidly define your business proofs

These could include sending a contract, authenticating stakeholders, making payments, shipping products, or publishing content online.

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Connect with top business services

Carmentis seamlessly integrates with top KYC, Bank-as-a-Service, digital ID, governmental taxation, and shipping services.

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Use our APIs to certify and verify proofs

At every step in your multi-party transactions, rely on Carmentis' encrypted APIs for smooth certification, verification, and sharing of business proofs.

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Share proofs effortlessly

Carmentis makes it easy to communicate your business proofs with business stakeholders, government entities, and the general public.

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Trust Carmentis to manage your business proofs

Start safeguarding your online transactions today.